The Nanny Concept

Excerpt from Vickie Donlan, Business Coach

“Progress for women in business has been slow, if not stalled, in the past couple of years. Although, we are still starting more businesses than our male counterparts, we are not moving up the corporate ladder with as much success as we had in the 90s.

My solution is simple. Pay it forward…it is the title of a 2000 movie, and a concept that provides an opportunity to make sure that all good deeds are rewarded by paying forward the debt.

But if all businesswomen took the concept to heart, and formally helped another woman in business get ahead the way someone had helped them, we would make progress.

Start supporting women in business and ask each one you help to pay it forward.”

Women in business benefit from:

  • Business Opportunities
  • Mentoring
  • Referrals

webNanny aims to continue:

  • Helping other women in business
  • Working with charities that help to fulfill our vision of building sustainable futures for the world’s poorest people. We have an agricultural focus, because it is essential for communities to get the most out of the natural resources available to enable a sustainable and improved future.
  • providing free websites periodically for deserving groups    … (suggestions welcome)

If someone is good to you – pass it on!