We work with start-ups, small businesses and charities providing consulting services that help them to build their business.

Our mission is to add value to your business and ensure that the experience of working together is as successful for you as it is enjoyable. We can offer a wide range of business services to suit your needs, including:

– new business development
– pr and marketing campaign developments
– event planning & support
– website & creative design

Your Direction

Whether you are an existing business or a new start-up – we can take you through the following steps:

Mission Statement – your company needs a mission statement, even if you are a company of one.

What does your company exist for? If it is an important part of the perceived value of your business, how do you intend to achieve it?

A meaningful mission statement will be easy to understand, something to refer back to as your foremost guide, and exportable for others to see.

Goal Setting – your company must identify and work towards goals to become market leaders or even just to survive the startup of a business.

We help you identify your short-term and long-term goals.

- your preferred customer base

- your desired market share

Website – we help you plan a website that is clear, credible, and well presented. A brainstorming session helps to focus and to document what you want included and then decide the most logical course of action.

Selling your ideas – We help you decide how to market your ideas, and your branding. webNanny helps you to have greater clarity and the choice of strengthening your new or existing product/service with a refined approach.