3 Reasons to Use YouTube Marketing for Your Small Business (video online marketing)

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In a world of short attention spans and sound bites, video online marketing has never been more powerful.

video online marketing


The YouTube platform makes this easy and affordable for small businesses, and you don’t need expensive equipment to create an engaging video advert – a decent Smartphone and enthusiasm for your brand will suffice.

After signing up with YouTube, you can create a “channel” for your business, with customised slogans, logo, colours and more.  This is a relatively simple procedure.


  1. Reaching Your Target Audience

Here are some powerful statistics for YouTube ( provided by Fortune Lords for 2016):

–       Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube daily
–       In an average month, 8 out of 10 18-49 year-olds watch YouTube
–       More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices
–      YouTube is available in 76 different languages (covering 95% of the Internet population)

As over half of that audience now gets online via a mobile device, video content is very important as people on mobile devices don’t have time to read long blog posts on their small screens.

Using YouTube for your video online marketing also gives the target audience an opportunity to engage with your business via the comments section, where they can rate your videos and leave comments, thus raising your visibility among other YouTube users. When people subscribe to your “channel”, they are notified anytime you put up a new video.


  1. The Power of Testimonials

One only has to look at the world of travel to see how success can be achieved by using “testimonials” from visitors via TripAdvisor.

The success of a business depends a lot on word of mouth which goes shows others how you interact successfully with your clients, and helps in overcoming buyer scepticism, while also reinforcing the benefits of your products/services.

It is simple enough to create a professional video by using the right lighting and choosing the appropriate background music to evoke the desired mood, before uploading it onto your YouTube channel.


  1. Give and You Will Receive

So, you now that you have your target market in your sights and the means to give them confidence in your product, what else you can do?

YouTube is a great resource for uploading video online marketing in the form of free information.

Businesses these days realise that people are searching for product and service information and if they do not get it from you, they will get it elsewhere.

Turn this to your advantage by not giving everything away but uploading sample areas of your expertise which will actually help you establish an emotional connection with your target audience. The theory of reciprocity means that they are likely to respond to your positive action with one of their own, e.g. purchasing your products or services.

This free gift can be in the form of a “how to” video or a troubleshooting video, which once uploaded onto YouTube, can also be embedded onto business websites.

With a little bit of creativity and enthusiasm, video online marketing using the YouTube platform is sure to turn your business into a success story.


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